Antipapalism and heresy impact pre reformation church

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  • Luther
    • believed the pope was merely a bishop of Rome and had no authority over Germany.
    • claimed pope was not spiritual head of the church
    • in germany there was a widespread feeling of antipapalism
    • Anticlericalism- low impact due to kings strong position
      • Humanist
        • not in favour of english bible.
      • Cardinal Wolsey
        • papal legate- William Warham claimed opposition to Wolsey meant opposition to pope
          • not convincing, wolsey actually brought greater sense of unity among bishops
          • oppostition was limited- he did not take over king's role to nominate men for high church office.
        • Reformer
          • called meeting of how to improve clergy
          • organised visitations of churches and religious houses
          • accused of pluralism, greed for money.
        • Humanist
          • not in favour of english bible.
        • Lutheranism- defiant stance against him
          • Held conference at Oxford and Cambridge- spoke against heresy
          • Burnt Luthers books at bonfire
          • King+Wolsey in full agreement with pope against heresy- antipapalism hardly existed


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