Antimicrobial properties of plants- core practical

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  • Antimicrobial properties of plants- core practical
    • Variables
      • Independent
        • Substance we are testing (Mint, Garlic, IMS and nothing)
      • Dependent
        • Size of zone of inhibition
      • Control
        • Temperature
          • It can affect rate of bacterial growth
        • Water
          • Can affect rate of bacterial growth
        • pH
          • Can affect the rate of bacterial growth
        • Nutrients
          • Can affect bacterial growth
        • Oxygen levels
          • Can affect bacterial growth as they need to respire
    • Equipment
      • Agar plate seeded with bacteria
      • Garlic cloves, Mint leaves, IMS
      • 10 cm cubes of methylated spirit
      • Volumetric pipet
      • Paper disks
      • Petri dish
      • Sterile Forceps
      • Tape
      • Marker pen
      • Incubator set at 25 degrees
      • Vernier calliper
    • Method
      • To produce a pour plate
        • 1. Remove some drops of a culture with a pipet and place into a petri disk- observe all ascetic techniques
        • 2. Take bottle of melted agar and poor contents into petri dish replacing the lid
        • 3. Mix the bacteria and the agar by gently swirling the plate and allow the plate to set
      • Antimicrobial properties of plants
        • 1. Divide the agar dish into 4 sections using the pen on the bottom of the plate
        • 2. Take sterile forceps and dip a paper disk into water and place on one of the sections
        • 3. Repeat this process with the mint, garlic and IMS solution
        • 4. Take and incubate the petri disk
        • 5. After the incubation period (24-48 hours) record the zones of inhibition around the paper disks


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