Character of Antigone

How Antigone is potrayed during "Antigone" - work in progress

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  • Character of Antigone
    • Brave
      • Declares to Creon she is the one who broke the law
        • I did it. I don't deny a thing
      • Willing to be stoned to death for the right thing.
    • Injusticed
      • Unfair for E. to be glorified and P. left exposed
        • Wasn't Eteocles a brother too- cut down facing him
    • Rash
      • Quickly dispels I, her only remaining family
        • I have longer to please the dead than to please the living
      • Claims to love death
        • I will suffer nothing as great as death
    • Dutiful
      • Is aware of her religious duty to bury P.
        • nor did i think ... a mere mortal could override the gods
        • the great unshakable traditions
      • Aware of her familial duty to bury P.
        • no one will ever convict me a traitor
    • Pious
      • Breaks law to fulfil religious duty
      • Points out it is their duty to Ismene
        • do as you like, dishonour the laws the gods hold in honor
    • Argumentative
      • Ismene points this out
        • so fiery - and it ought to chill your heart
      • She is verbally uncooth to her leader
        • Your moralising repels me


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