Antigen Presenting Cells

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  • Antigen Presenting Cells
    • Antigen uptake by Langerhans cells in the skin
      • Langerhans cells leave the skin and enter the lymphatic system
        • Mature dendritic cells enter the lymph node from infected tissue and can transfer some antigens to resident dendritic cells
          • B7-positive dendritic cells stimulate naïve T cells
    • Macrophages may not migrate to the lymph nodes
    • Immature dendritic cells in peripheral tissues encounter pathogens and are activated by PAMPs
      • TLR signaling induces CCR7
        • Enhances processing of pathogen-derived antigens
          • CCR7 directs migration into lymphoid tissues and augments expression of co-stimulatory molecules (B7) and MHC molecules
            • Mature dendritic cell in T-cell zone primes naïve T cells
              • Activation of dendritic cells in the lymph node up regulate co-stimulatory molecules such as CD40 and CD86, making them much better at stimulating T cells


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