antibodies and defefences

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  • antibodies and defences
    • defences
      • primary defences include skin, mucus, scabs, hair
      • secondary defence is your immune system
    • variable region
      • they form thr antigen bonding sites
      • the variable region is complementary to a specific antigen and so the variable region VARIES with each antibody
    • Hinge region
      • allows felixibility when the antibody binds to the antigen
    • constant region
      • allows binding to receptors on neautrophils etc
    • disulfide bridge
      • holds the polypeptide chains together
    • was in which antibodies work
      • agglutinating
        • 2 binding sites allow 2 antigens to bind at the same time
        • they clump togther and so when phagocytes engluf, many can be eungulfed at once
      • neutralisation
        • natibodies bimd to the toxins themselves
        • this means the toxins cannot affect and human cells now as theres no binding site
        • toxin-antibody complexes are formed


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