Anti-Social Behaviour - Social Learning theory

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  • Anti-Social Behaviour - Social Learning Theory
    • Josephson
      • Exposed 367 7-9 year old boys to either a violent or non-violent fim
      • Found that later, after being observed, boys who watched the violent film acted more aggressively during a game of hockey than the boys who watched a non-violent film
      • High external validity
      • Large sample size
      • Gender bias - only boys
    • Bandura (1965)
      • Exposed young children to a video of either an adult acting aggressively or a video of an adult acting non-aggressively.
      • Children were then individually observed in a playroom with a bobo doll.
      • Found that 88% of children who had watched the video of the aggressive adult, imitated their aggressive behaviour and hit the bobo doll.
      • Supports the social learning theory as it shows children imitating aggressive behaviours that they have learnt from observing TV
      • Lacks external validity - lab experiment
      • High control of variables
      • Acting aggressively on a bobo doll is different to acting aggressively with another human in a real life setting.


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