Anti-social Behaviour - Desensitisation

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  • Anti-Social Behaviour - Desensitisation
    • Huesmann et al
      • Longitudinal study of 557 American children
      • Asked the their favourite TV characters
      • 15 years later they found 398 of them and interviewed their friends and examined their crime records
      • Found that viewing TV violence in childhood correlated with adult aggression
      • Attrition in sample
      • Crimes on criminal records could be non-violent e.g. stealing
      • Could be social desirability in interview or friends could be lying about them
      • Could have other life events that caused them to be violent rather than watching violent TV programmes
    • Williams
      • Observed children in playgrounds in Canada before TV was introduced
      • Before TV was introduced children were not very aggressive
      • After TV was introduced, children were observed again and were found to be more aggressive.
      • Culture bias - can only be generalised to people living in Canada.
      • Natural experiment - high external validity
      • Natural experiment - cannot determine cause and effect


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