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  • Anti-feminism
      • follows conservative central principles
        • Organic Society
          • Organic society argues that every established social feature serves a fundamental function in society
            • Therefore sexual divisions of labour and social roles are DESTINY
              • Women due to emotional and psychological features and physical nature are naturally fitted for roles as mothers and homemakers
                • Attempts to move women away from this model will be socially dysfunctional and lead to a family breakdown
                  • Children: will be parented and socialized leading to increased levels of anti social beahviour
                    • These arguments lead opposition to gov. polices aimed at increasing womens participation in work
                      • Conservatives argue that more support should be given to married couples via tax and that mothers should be encouraged to remain at home with young kids
                    • Conservative concept of the 'broken society'
                      • Where many social problems (antisocial behavior, low expectations, inter generational dependency on welfare) all come from a breakdown of the stable family unit
                        • This breakdown has created a decline in social responsibility as children have no role models demonstrating it
        • Patriarchal Family has 'stood the test of time'
          • existed over long periods of time in a wide range of socities
          • Family is the natural unit of society and women roles in it is so fundemental to its survival that any attempts to alter the structure will produce negative results that will destabilize society
      • In response to that they are oppressing women they follow the
        • 'different but equal'
          • where fixed roles shouldn't imply any notions of superiority or inferiority
          • Both male & female roles are essential for society to successfully function
            • deserve equal respect
          • Admit that equal respect isnt always given to women
            • element of 're-education' to men is necessary to address this problem
            • Conservatives criticize abuse & patronizing language directed at women and the lack of public recognition to their contributions of society


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