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  • Anthropocene
    • How humanity has become a geophysical force that is irreversibly changing the planet
      • By defining a new geological epoch, scientists are declaring human effects irreversible
        • Deeply debated, not settled yet
    • What is the Stratigraphy?
      • Branch of geology concerned with order and relative position of rock strata and their relationship to geological timescales.
    • Timeprint
      • We have ability to change our future generations
      • Impact of our present mode of life extends across time and space
    • Utopian material of the 20th Century, created a dystopian future
    • Plastic Digesting Material
      • A bacterium named ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6, may have evolved enzymes specifically capable of breaking down PET in plastic
      • This could endanger structures which have been built using this material
    • Raises questions of responsibility and human agency in sociology
    • Dichotomy
      • Traditional distinction between natural and human history
      • Separates social from natural
      • Has been linked to inequalities and oppression
        • Many humans treated as part of natures - EXAMPLE: African slaves
      • Can only produce a more just and sustainable future by overcoming entrenched dichotomy
    • John Urry (2011)
      • Used approach to prove material and social are related
      • Need to recognise capitalism
      • Responses
        • Do nothing
        • Prepare for catastrophes to come
        • Innovate low carbon lives
    • Weaknesses
      • Focuses on one single humanity - which is not reality
      • Ignores class, race and gender
      • Questions of justice and equity, not everyone is to blame
    • Political
      • Entangled in conflicts between left and right
      • Drastic reconfiguration of capitalism  and social change needed


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