Anthony Kenny - cosmological argument

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  • Anthony Kenny
    • British philosopher, presents an argument that undermines Aquinas' first way relating to motion and change
      • In 'The Five Ways' Kenny said that Aquinas' principle that nothing moves itself goes against the fact that people and animals move themselves
        • Newton's first law of motion, in which movement can be explained by a body's own inertia from previous motion, disproves Aquinas' argument
          • It is possible for objects to have uniform motion as well as being in a state of rest
            • Kenny says that Newton's law 'wrecks the argument of the first way'
    • Many philosophers have countered Kenny's argument by pointing out that 'motion' for Aquinas meant any kind of change of state
      • A human may be at rest but still undergoing change, for example aging or change of blood pressure.


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