Antenatal Testing

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  • Antenatal Testing
    • Blood testing
      • Small sample of blood taken.
        • Anaemia
        • German measles
        • Blood Sugar
        • STDs,
    • Urine tests
      • Small sample of urine tested for protein, glucose and ketones.
    • Height and Weight
      • Gives indication of pelvic size.
      • Weight used as baseline to compare as pregnancy progresses.
        • Loss: baby may stop growing, mother may be ill.
        • Gain: sign of pre-eclampsia if excessive.
    • Blood pressure
      • Every check up, compared with booking in visit.
    • Foetal Heartbeat
      • Monitered every visit to check alive and normal.
      • Normal - between 110-115 bpm.
    • Medical Examination
      • Feeling abdomen for position and size of foetus.
      • Checking legs for swelling.


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