Anorexia nervosa

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  • Anorexia Nervosa
    • Characterised by extreme loss of weight and anxiety associated with food and weight gain
      • Deliberate weight loss
        • DSM: persistent restriction of energy intake
        • A sufferer will avoid food and drink and possibly take laxatives or exercise excessively
        • Considered abnormal when it drops below 85% of normal weight
      • Unrealistic body image
        • DSM: Intense fear of gaining weight/ getting fat. Disturbed body image.
        • Sufferers may think that they're fat when they're thin.
        • Body image distortion occurs as thinness is vital to their self-esteem but they don't see the seriousness of their low body weight
      • Physical symptoms
        • Exhaustion
        • Sleeping difficulties
        • Concentration problems
        • Dizziness
        • Feeling cold
      • Other symptoms
        • Anxiety
        • Depression is common
        • OCD symptoms such as obsessions with eating and calorie counting can also occur
          • Halmi et al interviewed 324 people with anorexia and found obsessional thoughts and compulsory behaviour in around 70% of them
      • 90% of sufferers are women
      • Around 95% of sufferers are aged 12-29
      • Research suggests that around 465 of anorexia patients fully recover, 33% are improving and 20% remain chronically ill
      • More common in western cultures


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