Anita Hill vs Clarence Thomas - 1991+

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  • Anita Hill vs Clarence Thomas - 1991+
    • Thurgood Marshall: 1st African-American US Supreme Court
      • Retired
        • Clarence Thomas nominated by G.W Bush
          • African-American but Conservative - led to fears that...
            • Conservative stance - reverse of Civil Rights gains from Marshal
            • Rule against legal abortions (National Organization for Women)
            • Only served 2 yrs as federal Judge
          • Senate Committee: couldn't decide
            • Moved to floor of Senate: Anita Hill comes forward
              • Anita Hill, law professor, accuses Thomas with sexual harassment
                • When he was the head of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission
                  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
                • Charged him with inappropriate discussion of sexual acts and pornographic films after refusing to date him
                  • Media frenzy: Hill's allegations and Thomas's denials
                    • Before the Senate Judiciary Committee, he called the hearing "a high-tech lynching for uppity Blacks"
                    • the Senate voted: 52-48, confirming Thomas as associate justice of the Supreme Corut
                      • Thomas's appointment: seen as defeat, yet case had long-term effects
                        • EEOC: sexual harassment cases x2: 6,127 1991, 15,342, 1996
                          • More Women politicians: 1992 11 women ran for US senate, 5 won
                      • Senate: 98% male


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