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  • Animation ideas
    • Road safety
      • Turtle is trying to find where to cross over the road
        • Finds a zebra crossing and crosses over safetly!
      • Target audience: 5-12 year olds
      • In order to teach children child safety in a fun way.
    • Princess and the frog
      • Prince is turned into a frog, has 24 hours to find the princess to turn him back into a prince
        • Princess kisses the frog at 11.59 and he is transformed back into a prince.
      • Target audience: 3-8 year olds
      • A fun, creative animation for children to enjoy
    • Under water adventures
      • Puffa fish has decided to travel the see and meet new friends on the way.
      • Target audience: 3-8 year olds
      • Teach children the different types of fish that live in the see, what they eat etc.
    • Turtle and the hare race
      • The hare thinks he will win the race so has a nap in the middle fo the race
        • However the hare over sleeps and the turtle ends up taking over and winning the race
      • Target audience: 5-13 year olds
      • Teach children that they can achieve what the want, they just have to try!


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