Themes: Animals in 'Woyzeck'

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  • Animals in 'Woyzeck'
    • Scene One: Andres and Woyzeck
      • "It was a hedgehog"
      • "(sings) A pair of hares were sitting there nibbling the green, green grass"
    • Scene Two: Marie and Margaret
      • "And brave as a lion, I'll bet!"
      • (to Woyzeck) "You look so wild"
    • Scene Three: Fairground
      • "You could foal a calvary regiment out of her. And breed drum majors"
      • "All that meat to squeeze 'nd yet it moves as easy as a fish"
      • "the astronomical horse (..) put humanity to shame"
      • "This animal's still in a state of nature, you see, of plain, unvarnished nature."
    • Scene Six: Wall
      • "******* like a dog down the wall"
      • "Have you ever seen nature inside-out, Doctor?"
      • "coming apart like a spider's web"
      • "You're feeling your way with y'r feet like a insect, man!"
    • Scene Seven: Marie and Drum-Major
      • "The chest of an ox, with fur like a lion's mane"
      • "Christ, I'm going to fill your belly full of drum majors, sire a whole stable of them"
      • "Wild, eh? Come on then, animal"
    • Scene Eight: Students
      • "Animals have no scientific instincts - therefore, I shall use another demonstration subject."
      • "Are you going to behave like the cat?"
    • Scene Nine: Captain and Doctor
      • "Foolhardiness is for scoundrels, for dogs!"
    • Scene Ten: Marie and Woyzeck
      • "I can't stop people coming down the street or make them wear muzzles, can I?"
    • Scene Twelve: Tavern
      • "Flesh, filth, man, woman, human, animal"
    • Scene Thirteen: She-Wolf
    • Scene Fifteen: Tavern
      • (pounds his chest)
    • Scene Seventeen: Jew
      • "Dog!"
    • Scene Eighteen: Marie
      • (strikes herself on the breast)
    • Scene Twenty One: Death
      • (he holds the head back and cuts her throat)
    • Scene Twenty Three: Drown
      • "Beetles whirring like cracked bells"


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