Christian veiws on animal testing

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  • Animal Testing
    • Humas are God's most important creation. Other animals were made for humans control.
      • QUOTE: God blessed them and said to them 'Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish and the birds and over every living creature on the ground' Genesis 1:28.
    • Animals do not have souls. they cannot have a special relationship with God. Most christians are happy to eat meat.
    • Christians today now believe that animals deserve respect and have value as part of God's creation. Treating animals cruelly is a misuse of the special responibility God gave humans.
    • Most Christian churches will agree that the use of animals for medical research is necessary.
    • Roman Catholic Veiw
      • Think it is okay as long as the intention is to improve human health and to save lives.
      • Dont believe it is right to give animals special attention when there are humans suffering in the world.
    • Overall the majority of Christians would agree that the use of animals in medical research is useful and acceptable. but there should be no unnecessary suffering.


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