Animal Rights

It is not quite all the points in the Year 10 topic of animal rights, but it is what my mid-unit assessmnet consists of

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  • Animal Rights
    • Animal Testing
      • saves human's lives and helps towards the greater good
      • try to minimize suffering
      • 95% tests on rodents/fish
      • make new breakthroughs
      • up to 56 hours transportation
      • discarded after use  and won't even necessary work
      • some eyes and skulls may be forced open while awake
      • some are bred to die
    • Fur Trade
      • the buainess of farming or hunting wild animals for their fur to be made into clothing
      • some animals are still alive when skinned
      • 55+ million animals killed each year
      • worth £500 million a year in UK
      • no endangered species are used (some are taken to reduce number)
    • Ivory Trade
      • the illegal sale of ivory from elephant's tusks
      • the elephants are left once killed and thier heads cut into
    • Working Animals
      • guide dogs to help the blind
      • used on farms (horses, donkey)
      • sometimes, they enjoy working and companionship
      • sniffer dogs died of nose cancer from cocaine
      • sometimes, overworked and underfed
      • "Good people take care of their animals but wicked people are cruel to theirs" Bible
    • Transport Animals
      • donkeys and camels pulling carts
      • make them useful + give them a purpose
      • donkeys become too ill or weak  and get abandoned
      • there is alternative transport
      • "You appointed them to rule over everything you made" Bible
    • Zoos
      • helps psychological problems
      • helps endangered species
      • kept in cages
      • hard to adjust to different environment
      • "It is a great sin for man to imprison those animals who are in his power" Qur'an
    • Pets
      • kids grow up with them and love them
      • treated like family
      • RSPCA ensures safe homes
      • animals who are not meant to be pets are taken in
      • can be beaten and starved if mistreated
      • "You will be rewarded by Allah for your acts of kindness towards living creatures" Qur'an
    • Key Terms
      • Dominion
        • humans have power over animals
        • "Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground" Bible
      • Stewardship
        • humans have a duty to respect and care for animals
        • "Be fruitful and multiply" Bible
      • Utilitarianism
        • actions that are right for the benefit of a majority
      • Sanctity of Life
        • human life is sacred and a gift from God


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