Animal Rights

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  • Animal Rights
    • Humans
      • Companions: Pets, help people and make them happy
      • Working Animals: Guide dogs, sheep dogs, but also Circus
      • Hunting: pest control but unnecessary pain and wrong
      • Food: most peoples diet but vegetarians say its wrong
      • resaech: to help humans but morally wrong and painful
      • Activists: Live their lives animal-Friendly, vegetarian, avoiding zoos and cicuses
      • Extremists: Campaign against animal cruelty, some break the law
    • Bible
      • Genesis: "I am putting you in charge of the fish, the birds, and the wild animals"
      • Deuteronomy: "If an Israelite's donkeys falls down, help him pick it up"
      • Deuteronomy: "Don not muzzle an Ox when you are using it to thresh grain"
      • Proverbs: "Good people take care of their animals, but the wicked are cruel to theirs"
      • Jesus: "Not one sparrow is forgotten by God"
    • Christian Belief
      • Thomas Aquinas: Humans are more important, they can do as they wish with animals
      • Francis of Assisi: Animals deserve respect , protection and even worship
      • Pope John Paul II: called animal research labs "Factories of Death"
    • Do they have Rights?
      • Yes
        • They are Gods Creatures
        • It is wrong to experiment them or use them negativly
        • animals should be treated with respect
      • No
        • There here to serve us
        • They don't have souls
        • They cant Think
        • They don't have morals


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