Animal Farm Characters

This is pretty basic, but it's just an overview I guess. Better than nothing.

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  • Animal Farm Characters
    • Squealer
      • Abuses his knowledge of language to justify Napoleon's actions
        • Complicates his language to confuse the animals
      • Limits the chance of debate, teaches the sheep "4 legs good, 2 legs bad"
      • He is a symbol of propaganda
      • "to squeal" could mean how a pig communicates, but it can also mean to betray
    • Napoleon
      • Oppurtunist
      • Never made a contribution to the rebellion
      • Never shows interest in strength of Animal Farm, only for his power over it
      • Turns puppies into his own private army/secret police
    • Mollie
      • She is too self obsessed and vain to work on the farm
      • Clover sports her accepting  sugar from one of Mr.Pilkingtons men
      • She disappeared and was spotted being groomed by a man, wearing a ribbon and eating sugar
    • Boxer
      • Dedicated, loyal, a huge capacity for labour
      • He is unable to recognize political corruption
      • He is exploited and betrayed by the pigs
        • His death shows the pigs betrayal, they send him to a glue factory
    • Clover
      • She questions the commandments  and thinks somebody has changed them
        • She asks Benjamin to read it for her, but he refuses, she then asks murial who does read it
        • Eventually believes that the new commandment had never been changed
      • She is with Boxer when he falls ill from work
      • A motherly stout mare
    • Moses
      • Symbolises religion
      • Tells the animals about a better land, "sugarcandy mountain"
      • Raven
    • Benjamin
      • Donkey, old and cynical
      • Untitled
      • He can read
      • He is with Boxer when he's ill
    • The Sheep
      • "two legs bad, four legs good!"
        • "four legs good, two legs better!"
    • The hens
      • Confess to being in alligence with Snowball and plotting to kill Napoleon
        • Get slaughtered by Napoloeon's dogs
      • Have to give up their eggs for Napoleon to trade for money
    • Muriel
      • A goat
      • She can also read
    • Snowball
      • Devotes himself to spreading "Animalism" worldwide
      • His idealism leads to his downfall
      • Relys on force of logic and rhetorical skill to gain influencee
      • He is not strategic, unlike Napoleon
      • Believes pigs are superior to other animals
      • He is a symbol of corruption in power
      • Gets turned into a hate figure by Napoleon and is blamed for all the mischief on the farm, including many animal deaths


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