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Some brief explanation on language, form and structure with historical context

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  • Animal Farm
    • Narrative Perspective
      • Explores a range of characters in order to expose the farms regime
      • Aims to expose Stalin's soviet regime
        • Important as Stalin was seen as an ally to others compared to Hitler
    • Form
    • Structure
      • Linear Structure
        • Portrays the progression on the Russian Revolution
      • Multiple Climaxes
        • Snowball's Expulsion, Battle of the Cowshed, Boxer's Death
    • End of the Novella
      • Presents no hope for the future. The pigs are completely in charge and act like Mr. Jones
    • Symbolism
      • Windmill symbolises the animals independence from humans but their enslavement to the pigs
      • The novel displays a 'monopoly of force'. Napoleon uses the dogs to do achieve this


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