Animal Rights: Animal Testing

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  • Animal Testing and Experiments: For and Against
    • Humans are more important than animals!
    • Humans have developed scientific methods without animal testing!
    • No one would allow their child to die or suffer if it could be avoided by killing one animal!
    • Many experiments are a waste of time and life!
    • Experiments on animals save human and animal lives!
    • They could test it on a genetic level without harming animals!
    • It has helped provide treatment for cancer and other serious diseases!
    • Experiments are not accurate! Penicillin kills guinea pigs but saves millions of human lives. If it was tested on guinea pigs we would not be using the drug right now!
    • Testing products on animals can help prevent humans from getting harmed!
    • The experiments are cruel and cause immense amounts of pain to the animals!
    • It is better that an animal loses its sight rather than a human!
    • Animals should not have to die for the sake of safe make up!


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