animal studies of attachment

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  • animal studies on attachment
    • descritpiton
      • findings- goslings imprinted on Lorenz and followed him
      • Lorenz procedure- goose eggs incubated so first thing they saw was Lorenz  or natural mother
      • critical period- imprinting doesn't happen later
      • long lasting effects- irreversible and related to mate choice (sexual imprinting)
    • description
      • Harlow procedure - wire mother's one cloth and one for food
      • findings- monkeys spent most the time with the wire cloth monkey than one for food
      • long-lasting effects- all motherless monkeys were socially and sexually abnormal
      • critical period- attachments must be formed before six months
    • evaluation
      • generalising to humans may not be justified but findings conformed (schaffer and Emerson)
      • confounding variable- wire mother faces different, varied systematically with independent variable
      • Ethics- benefits may outweigh costs, but it does not challenge findings


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