Animal Studies of Attachment

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  • Animal Studies of Attachment
    • Harlow (1959)
      • Harlow studied 8 Rhesus monkeys for 165 days
      • 1. He made to 2 wire monkey mothers
      • 2. One had cloth around it and one was purely wire but with a bottle on it
      • 3. For half the monkeys the bottle was on the cloth mother and for the other half the bottle was separate
      • 4. They studied how long the monkeys spent with each mother.
      • 5. All of the monkeys spent the least time with the wire monkey
      • 6. the monkey went over for food it kept one foot on the cloth for reassurance
    • Lorenz (1935)
      • Lorenz studied goslings to look at imprinting
      • 1. He separated gosling eggs into 2 groups
      • 2. One group were left with their mother and the other group was incubated
      • 3. When the incubated eggs hatched they took to Lorenz and started following him
      • 4. To test imprinting he marked the incubated gosling and put them with the other goslings and let them mix
      • 5. Next Lorenz let the goslings separate again
      • 6. the goslings separate into their two groups


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