Animal studies evaluation- Lorenz and Harlow

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  • Animal studies of attachment- Evaluation
    • Lorenz- Generalisability to humans
      • Some of his findings have influenced our understanding of human development, there's a problem generalising from birds to humans
      • The mammalian attachment system is quite different from that in birds
      • For example, the mammalian mothers show more emotional attachment to young than birds do, and mammals may be able to form attachments at any time
      • Meaning that it isn't appropriate to try and generalise any of his findings
    • Lorenz- Some of his observations have been questioned
      • Guiton et al (1966) found that chickens imprinting on yellow washing up gloves would try to mate with them as adults but they learnt that they preferred mating with other chickens
      • The idea that imprinting has a permanent effect on mating behaviour
      • Suggesting that the impact of imprinting on mating behaviour is not a permanent as Lorenz believed
    • Harlow- Theoretical value
      • He showed that attachment doesn't develop as the result of being fed by a mother figure but as a result of comfort contact
      • He also showed us the importance of the quality of early relationships for later social development, including being able to successfully rear children
    • Harlow- Practical value
      • His research has had important applications on a range of practical contexts
      • For example, it has helped social workers understand risk factors in child neglect and abuse so intervene to stop it
      • It is also important in the role of the care of captive monkeys we now understand the importance of proper attachments
    • Harlow- Ethical issues
      • The monkeys suffered greatly as a result of Harlow's procedures
      • Monkeys are also similar enough to moneys to be able to generalise the findings which also means that the suffering can be seen as quite human like
      • Harlow knew of the suffering which he caused, and referred to the wire monkeys as iron maidens
      • The counter argument was that the research was sufficiently important to justify the effects


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