Animal Rights

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  • Animal Rights
    • Examples of Peaceful Animal Rights Groups & their aims
      • PETA
        • Stop suffering through a variety of methods - education, awareness etc
        • Public awareness by using mass media
          • Methods
            • Public education, cruelty investigations, research, rescue, legislation, protests
            • Uses sexualised women as lures
              • Women are often views as pieces of meat
        • 5 million members and supporters world wide
      • RSPCA
        • Peaceful charity
        • Aims
          • improve welfare of animals in farms
          • Raise awareness for welfare of nations pets
          • Ensure wild animals are free from human harm
          • Reduce use of animals in labs
      • Animal Aid
        • Peaceful Charity
        • Aims
          • Increase public awareness of animals in factories and labs
          • Examine legislation as a way of promoting change
          • Prevent exploitation
          • Promote a lifestyle free of animal exploitation
          • Educate people on their moral responsibilities for animals
            • Collate & distribute information on animal rights
              • Sponsor pro animal rights courses and lectures
    • Examples of Violent/Direct Action Groups
      • Animal Liberation Front
        • Direct action by damaging labs/factories
          • Removing animals and re-homing them
        • Kim Stallwood
          • Short term
            • Save animals from suffering
            • Cause economic loss so there's less money spent on animal exploitation
          • Long Term
            • Increasing activites to a point where the industry ends
        • Best & Nocella 2004
          • Aims
            • Inflict economic damage
            • Liberate animals and re-home
            • Reveal the horror & atrocities against animals
            • Vegan Group
            • Take precautions not to damage human/non human life
      • Animal Rights Militia
        • Terrorist organisation
        • End human exploitation of animals
          • At any costs
        • Cell like structure with no hierarchy
      • Band of Mercy
        • Early form of ALF


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