Animal Farm Chapter 5&6

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  • Animal Farm Chapter 5&6
    • Characters
      • Mollie, Boxer & Clover
      • Napoleon, Snowball, Minimus & Squealer
      • Benjamin
      • The dogs
      • Muriel
      • Mr Whymper, Mr Pilkington & Mr Fredrick
    • Connections between characters
      • Napoleon jealous of Snowball
      • Napoleon trying to take the role of Old Major
      • Napoleon takes Mr Jones's place & runs the farm similarly to how he did
    • Key events
      • Snowball and Napoleon get too competitive over how the farm should be run
        • Napoleon takes over the farm and changes how things are done
          • Puts a stop to debates
        • Jones gives up on trying to get his farm back
      • Divide between animals - siding with Napoleon or Snowball
        • Boxer agrees with Napoleon's decisions
        • Napoleon lies to get Snowball off the farm as he was apparently 'dangerous and a bad influence'
          • Napoleon finally agrees to building the windmill
            • Stole Snowball's plans for the windmill as if he's created them himself
              • Everyone had to give up a lot for the building of the windmill
                • Windmill in ruins - extreme wind
                  • Napoleon sentences Snowball to death after blaming him for what happened to the windmill
      • People hate the farm and think it's go bankrupt
        • Whymper visted the farm
      • The 7 command-ments altered
        • Calling farm by its original name - Manor Farm
        • Animals sleeping in beds (pigs)
        • Pigs making up their own rules
    • Quotes
      • "I will work harder" - Boxer
      • "Napoleon is always right"
      • "Long live Animal Farm"
      • "Four legs good, two legs bad"
    • Links to Russian Revolution
      • Napoleon represents Stalin
        • It was difficult to go along with Stalin's plan due to the geological state of the country - natural disasters
    • Notes
      • Squealer would feel like the dictator speaking for Napoleon as words are more powerful that the figure Napoleon is
        • Squealer's the one who's actually convincing the animals to believe Napoleon's opinions/ideas


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