Animal Development

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  • Animal Development
    • Zygote divides by mitosis to produce a bundle of cells.
      • The cells in the embryo start off all the same (embryonic stem cells)
        • The process of stem cells being specialised is called differentiation. the cells start to differentiate, then develop tissues and then organs.
          • Adult cells can only differentiate into certain cells. All body cells contain the same genes. specialised cells have non active genes.
    • Adult stem cells are already used to cure diseases, such as sickle cell anaemia can be treated by bone marrow transplants.
    • Embryonic stem cells can be extracted from very early human embryos. These could then be used to be made to differentiate into specific cells to replace faulty cells in sick people.
    • Cloning can be done by; removing the genetic material from an egg cell, a nucleus from a body cell of the adult you are cloning, its then inserted into the empty egg cell. The embryo then forms. The stem cells can be controlled to form any type of specialised cell.


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