anglo saxon society

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  • Anglo Saxon Society.
    • everyday life.
      • England was though of as a land of the free, who had both democracy and wealth.
      • it is difficult to truly know what life was like though.
      • stories were exaggerated about king Edward and the nation on the eve of conquest.
    • land division and democracy.
      • land was divided into shires that contained         ' Buhrs'
        • but these had always been particularly weak in the north east.
      • leading up to the conquest, buhrs developed, markets grew and trade prospered.
        • this was supported by the setting up of royal mint, producing coins by the king. As both his purity and value were trusted.
      • Taxation was very efficient and worked well.
    • women rights.
      • there were fines for sexual harassment of women
      • women could own land and property.
        • in 1066, this all changed.
          • divorces were rare but possible.
          • women did lots of manual labour.
      • divorces were rare but possible.
      • women did lots of manual labour.
      • men bullied women, sold them and assaulted them.
    • class systems.
      • Thegns
        • ran courts, paid taxes, fought for the king.
      • earls.
        • were the king's chief advisors who formed the Witan, held shire courts, chose king and gathered fyrd.
      • ceorls
        • those with special skills worked the land and were bound to serve their thegn
      • the King
        • owned the most land, raised taxes for defences, burrs, roads and bridges . issued new laws, responsible for the church and law courts.
      • everyone had a cash value- 'wergild', depended on class.
        • a person wouldn't be killed for murder if the wergild was paid to the family.
        • a woman value was equal to a man of the same status and was increased if she was pregnant.


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