battle of stanford

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  • Battle of Stanford Bridge
    • Harold and his army
      • Harold  gathered an army, racing north and collecting more warriors as he went. upon hearing of Hadradas victory at Fulford.
    • Harald and his army
      • A viking warrior held the English back from crossing the bridge, killing 40 men.
        • The English only passed when someone paddled under the bridge and thrust a spear into him, according to Anglo Saxon chronicles.
          • biased source.
  • The battle itself
    • Preparations for battle
      • Norwegians
        • out of 300 ships that were sent in for battle, only 24 were needed to return survivors.
        • having gained over confidence they were unwilling to await for reinforcements.
      • Saxons
        • Harold and his army were much more prepared than Hardrada, they had food, more men and masses of weapons.
    • the only thing separating Hardrada and Harold was River Derwent
      • this could only be crossed by a narrow bridge or two nearby fords.


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