Anglo - Saxon society

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  • Anglo - Saxon society
    • 1) King
      • was at the top of society and everyone had to obey his orders
        • Each group of Anglo- Saxons had a leader, or a war - chief. A strong leader was a cyning.
        • They wore expensive clothes and a crown.
        • Not just one king - many kings who often fell out with each other.
    • 2) Thane/ Nobles
      • Second after kings. the most powerful Anglo - Saxon
        • lived in large halls and helped the king rule the land.
        • in charge of a village
        • everyone had to listen to what he said and he could tell anyone he did not like to leave
    • 3) Ceorl/ Freemen
      • common people or peasants (what most people were)
        • usually poor and lived in small huts.
        • worked on land or had a trade - weaving, metalworking or carpentry.
        • had to fight for their Thane - Thane's gave them protection from invaders.
    • 4) Women
      • weren't a class but were treated very differently from men.
        • not allowed to eat in the great hall during a feast.
        • stayed at home - cooking, cleaning, making clothes and looking after children.
        • don't usually marry men of a higher class than themselves.
    • 5) Slave
      • Slaves were at the very bottom of society.
        • badly treated and forced to work for a Thane their whole life
        • wore cheap, dull clothes made from wool.
        • sleep in a cowshed or barn


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