Anglo Saxon CULTURE

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  • Anglo Saxon Culture: Art, Literature and Buildings.
    • Art
      • Anglo Saxons were well known for their impressive craftwork.
        • They showed remarkable skills that the rest of the globe was envious of.
          • Great Craftsmen in metalwork and foreign merchants bought work made by the English.
        • English women were skilled at weaving, and embroidery.
          • Garments had polished gems and golden ornaments and the clothing Nuns wore was of fantastic quality.
      • Precious metalwork and books were highly decorated.
    • Literature
      • Literature was rich and varied
        • science: semi scientific manuscripts with maps, astronomy
        • Fiction, which was read aloud
        • History, which was particularly biased and had gaps, but was valuable.
        • poems, sermons, medical treatment and grammar advice .
    • Buildings
      • Buildings also included great mastery.
        • fairly small, fine wood carvings and painted plasterwork.
          • but these were made by wood and so would be easily burnt and would turn rotten.
        • buildings were  usually single storey, rectangular and had thatched rooves.
      • Royal Buhrs had strong wooden barriers, and large earthworks which protected the community.
      • timber and stone shelters were used for worship.
    • Church buildings
      • The churches in Anglo Saxon England were no artistic achievement.
      • european   floor space was 600 times bigger than an Average Saxon church.
    • King Edward
      • king Edward paid for Westminster Abbey, which had carefully cut stone and rounded arches.
      • He built Westminster to prove that England was a good Nation.
      • Various parts of westminster including the pillars were purely decorative.


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