Anglo-Saxon Britain

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  • Anglo-Saxon Britain
    • What happened when the Romans left?
      • War and Chaos
        • People's possessions,crops and livelihoods were destroyed by conflict
          • Poverty increased
        • It became dangerous to travel so people stayed within their settlements
        • Libraries holding books were destroyed
        • Loss of Army
          • No one to maintain law and order amongst locals
          • No one to maintain public health buildings
          • No one to stop invasions
            • Britain was invaded by illiterate tribes from Europe (the Angles, Saxons and Jutes)
      • Loss of government
        • No overall control
          • No one to pay for public health schemes to be built
        • New rulers did not care for public health
          • They were trying to expand their kingdoms
          • Wanted more money for battle, rather than health and education
    • Impact on public health
      • Trained physicians almost totally disappeared for various reasons
        • New rulers were uninterested in training doctors
        • People no longer travelled far, so ideas did not spread
        • People were in poverty, they could not afford a trained physician
        • Books and libraries were destroyed so there were no learning resources
      • Towns were abandoned as people moved into villages
        • When these villages expanded into towns they were very unhygienic so disease spread quickly
      • Public health systems stopped working
    • Importance of Christianity
      • The most important channel of communication
      • Most priests were literate
        • They could read the remaining medical textbooks
      • Monasteries and convents often had an infirmarian, who cared for the sick
      • People strongly believed in the Church, and strictly followed the churches authority
      • People believed illness was a sign of sin, a punishment from God
    • Treatment
      • People were treated in the home
        • Women were the main care givers of medical treatment
        • Wise Women of the village may make herbal remedies


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