Angevin Kenilworth

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  • Angevin Kenilworth
    • King John
      • Unpopular king
      • Took throne from Richard I - who was fighting crusades at the time
      • Lost large areas of France that England owned in 1204
      • Forced to sign magna carta by barons in 1215
      • Wanted Kenilworth to be defensive
      • Excommunica-ted by the pope in 1209 for his erratic behaviour
      • Used crossbows against the pope's will
    • Alterations
      • Added trebuchets and siege weapons in walls for defence
      • Spent around £1100 on defence improvements
      • Curtain walls added on outer side
      • Defensive towers such as Lunn's tower and Mortimer's tower (gatehouse) were built
      • Thickened existing walls for extra protection from burrowing and tunnelling in sieges
      • Mere built for defence on one side of the castle
      • Fishtail arrow loops built for defence
    • Siege of Kenilworth
      • Put into ownership of Simon De Montfort
      • De Montfort's followers retreated there after royal attacks in June of 1266
      • Siege lasted 179 days, longest in British history
      • ended in December 1266. Only surrendered when disease broke out.
      • Fortifications os good that Edward the confessor used the techniques in his castles in Wales and Scotland


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