Anger Management Evaluation

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  • Anger Management Evaluation
    • - Anger may not be cause, only symptom.
    • + Holbrook (1997)
      • Found success in prisoners = less likely to engage in revenge behaviours.
    • + Ireland (2004)
      • 92% young offenders showed improvement on at least one measure of anger 8 weeks post treatment.
      • Used control group on waiting list where anger levels did not differ.
    • + Valliant and Raven (1994)
      • Measure male inmate aggressiveness who committed assault / property offences.
        • After anger management two hours a week for five weeks = lower levels of aggression.
    • - Loza and Loza-Fanous
      • Found no differences in violent and non-violent offenders anger.
        • Suggests anger is not the cause of criminality.
    • - Factors other than intervention may affect behaviour between pre/post-treatment.


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