Aneurin Bevan and the NHS

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  • Aneurin Bevan and the NHS
    • Aneurin Bevan -leading figure in the NHS.
    • The British Medical Association opposed the introduction of the NHS.
      • members believed they would loose money.
    • January 1948- doctors voted against joining the NHS.
      • Bevan still allowed the consultants to work inside the health service.
        • to treat private patients.
    • By July 5th 1948 - 3/4 of population had signed up with doctors under the new health scheme.
    • In its first year the NHS cost £248 million to run
      • £140 million more than had been originally estimated.
    • 1951 - 229 million prescriptions prescribed.
    • The Labour government introduced a charge for some dental treatment.
      • This led to Bevan's resignation in protest


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