Handle And The Glory of The Lord

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  • "And The Glory Of The Lord" Handel
    • Rhythm/ metre/tempo
      • Hemiola bar 9, gives an unclear sense of time signiture
      • To finish there is a silence then 3 bars at a slower pace(adagio) to give it a drawn out ending
      • Driving crotchet beat on the beat.
      • metre:3/4
    • Texture
      • Short monophonic passages (bar 108-109)
      • Homophonic and contrapuntal (polyphonic)  sections
      • imitation- bar 17
      • number of playing parts varies
      • Orchestra doubles the vocal linme
    • Forces/  instrumentation
      • organ and cello play the basso continuo
      • Soprano, alto, tenor(male), bass vocal parts
      • Two violin parts and a viola part
    • Structure / melody and word setting
      • No set form but is based on 4 motifs
        • "and all flesh shall see it together"
          • Short descending figure repeated
        • "Shall be revealed"
          • Melismatic
          • descending sequence
        • "for the mouth of the lord hath spoken it"
          • mostly the same pitch
          • longer note values
        • "And the glory of the lord"
          • outlines A major
          • Syllabic
          • dotted rhythms
        • All repeated many times to ensure words are emphasised
      • Orchestral introduction, a ritornello,it returns again in a shortened version
    • Harmony and tonality
      • Key: A major
      • modulates to E major and B major
      • Ends with a plagal cadence in A major
      • diatonic harmony throught
    • Background
      • First performed 1742
      • Baroque period
      • Chorus movement from an oratorio
      • Written 1741


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