And the Glory of the Lord

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  • And the Glory of the Lord
    • Instrumentation
      • Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses
      • Accompanied by strings and continuo
        • Continuo made up of Cello and Harpsichord/Organ
      • Orchestra doubles vocal  lines
    • Melody
      • Based on four motifs
        • Motif 1 in A Major and first sung by altos
        • Motif 2 first sung by tenors and uses a descending sequence
        • Motif 3 is first sung by altos and is a short descending figure from a to e
        • Mofif 4 is made of longer notes creating a solemn feel and is first sung by tenors and basses
    • Rhythm, Metre and Tempo
      • Dance like metre of 3/4
      • Tempo is allegro until after the general pause at the end where it becomes adagio
      • Many hemiolas where music feels like it is 2/4 rater than 3/4
    • Tonality and Harmony
      • A major however modulates to e major and b major
      • Ends on a plagal cadence in A major
      • Diatonic
    • Texture
      • Alternates between homophonic and contrapuntal
      • Monophonic passage bars 108-9


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