Egyptian Medicine

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  • Ancient Egypt
    • Who treated the sick?
      • Trained Doctors
      • Women
      • Priests
        • They thought that the Gods would heal them.
    • Causes
      • Channel Theory
        • The idea that the heart had channels leading from it which carried the blood and oxygen.
          • They thought that rotting food in the bowls realised gasses which blocked the channels,
            • They thought this stopped the flow of blood and oxygen so made the person ill.
        • Was the first non-supernatural theory
      • They thought the Gods sent illness and epidemics
        • The God of healing was Imhotep, who was originally the Pharaoh's doctor.
    • Developments In Medicine
      • Communications
        • The Egyptians developed the first form of writing.
          • Meant that ideas could be recorded and spread better tan in prehistoric times.
      • Trade
        • Trade along the River Nile meant that they could transport things around and communicate
          • Also meant that they often shared medical ideas, such as herbs
    • Treatments
      • Gods
        • They not only thought Gods sent epidemics, but also cured them. They often gifts and prayed.
      • Natural Treatments
        • Used lots of herbal rememides
          • Some of the things they used (such as honey) did actually work
      • Minor Surgery
        • Did basic surgery to remove things from the eye (such as cataracts)


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