Ancient Greeks

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  • Ancient Greeks
    • Hippocrates
      • Developed the Theory of the Four Humours
      • Wrote over 70 books
      • Clinical Observation
        • To study a patients symptoms and using previous cases to diagnose the illness
    • Supernatural Beliefs
      • Many people relied on prayers and charms to cure them of illness
      • Many prayed because they could not afford a physician and medicines
      • Greek Gods
        • Apollo: God of the Sun, culture, plague, medicine and knowledge
        • Asclepius: God of Healing
          • Many visited the temple of Asclepius to pray away their illnesses
        • Hygeia: Goddess of Hygiene
    • Government
      • The government paid philosophers to discover new theories for medicine
    • Medical Beliefs
      • The Four Humours
        • Everyone had their own individual mix of the four humours


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