Ancient Egyptian medicne

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  • Ancient Egypt
    • ideas about disease.
      • natural
        • theory of the blocked channels
          • idea came from looking at the river nile
          • vomiting, purging and bleeding to unblock  channels
      • supernatural
        • sekhmet
          • goodness of war-could cause and cure disease
        • used amulets, charms and rituals to avoid and cure illness
    • factors affecting Egyptian medicine.
      • communi-cation
        • first writing- able to write down theories and share with others.
        • travel to other countries to share ideas and get herbs etc. from other countries.
      • religion
        • embalming and mummification meant they could identify organs but didn't know what they did
        • extracted soft organs e.g. the brain then dried and covered in salt.
    • public health
      • bathed, shaved heads and had toilets that had to be emptied manually.


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