Ancient Egypt-PH,S+A , TREATMENTS

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  • Ancient Egypt
    • public health
      • people were encouraged to eat better and live better so they would have a good afterlife
      • better buildings and homes (made of stone)
      • the nile made it easy for crops to grow near by it and triggered the channel theory
    • surgery and anatomy
      • they believed the body had channels for blood air and water
        • they believed that a blocking of the channels caused illness
      • embalmers could not pass on their knowledge of anatomy but they knew the main organs but didn't know what they did
      • trephining was still around
      • most knowledge came from observing wounded soldiers
      • they would cut out swellings and sew up wounds
    • treatment of disease
      • many herbal remedies were created and recorded
      • there were specialist doctors to study certain subjects
        • they also had regular doctors for soldiers etc
      • they believed that a blocking of the channels caused illness
      • trephaning
      • some still believed in evil spirits
    • factors
      • the government made the country rich and lots of money was funded into research
        • rich people could pay for specialists craftsmen to make new tools to operate
      • there were more writing materials to record remedies
      • Egypt had widespread trade links
      • the belief in the afterlife meant people treasured their bodies but hindered new ideas


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