Ancestral Photograph

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  • Ancestral Photograph
    • Meaning
      • The development of farming
        • Mechanisation
      • Heaney's past becoming outdated
        • Confined in the attic
    • Sructure
      • Several end- stopped lines
        • Disbelief and sadness that his past is being updated
          • Constantly reminded of loss - always a shock
        • "and stands there still."
          • Most important part at the end abruptly stopped.
          • Death of man = death of farming
      • Whole stanza dedicated to description of Uncle
        • Pride
      • Enjambament
        • eg. "begins to fad? And must come down"
          • Regretful tone
        • Builds up to abrupt end-stopped lines
          • anticlimax - disappointed
    • Language
      • Farming references
        • "Turnip"
          • Refuses to believe it is over
      • "smack"
        • Pain
        • Onomatopoeia
      • "he"/"him"
        • Refuses to objectify his uncle in the photograph
      • "if the farmers shopped/Like housewives at an auction ring"
        • Bitter
        • Mocking new farmers
        • Demeans lack of manliness


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