Anarchism core ideas/ key beliefs/ principles

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  • Anarchism core ideas/ key beliefs/ principles
    • The soveriegnty of the individual
      • each individual is independent and free from any other individual/organisation
        • If given free will, we will form our own natural communities which run in our own interests.
      • Bakunin however, felt that due to NATURAL LAW, we have a naturally social nature.
      • We have a right to INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, noone can exercise power over another
    • The Nature of liberty
      • We are all born FREE
      • Anarchists reject negative liberty
        • This is because they do not believe in any EXTERNAL RESTRAINT
      • They hold optimistic view of human nature
        • Godwin named it "Private judgement" or internal restraint
          • This means that we don't need laws to govern us as we have our own internal restraint
          • Godwin felt that we could all become perfectly rational/moral humans with the right education.
    • Critique of the state
      • The state is corrupting
        • The state is unnatural
        • The state removes freedom
        • The state is oppressive
    • Critique of private property
      • Some anarchists, such as anarcho capitalists (nozick) accept private property
      • Proudhon felt that it was a necessary evil/justified as long as distribution of property is not too unequal
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    • Critique of capitalism
      • Anarcho capitalists support freee market capitalism
      • Anarchists see it as root of social inequality
        • Because it exploits people, therefore hindering TRUE FREEDOM.
          • Bakunin and Kropotkin saw the workers as victims of this in its truest sense.
  • We are all born FREE
  • The state is oppressive


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