Anarchism is closer to liberalism than it is to socialism. Discuss

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  • Anarchism is closer to liberalism that it is to socialism. Discuss
    • A is overlap between the two, at the point where each reach anti-statist tendencies
    • Ultra-liberalism, liberal individualism
      • Individualist anarchism what happens when take LI to extreme
        • Mill 'the individual is sovereign' absolute authority in humans, not the state
          • Any restriction on indv by state is evil, coercive, destructive, explotitive and compulsory
        • Economic liberalism, free market economics
          • Laissez faire, Smith 'invisible hand', 'survival of the fittest' Spencer
            • Market fundamentalism, places above govt.
          • Acceptance of private property
          • Market capable of regulating all social services
            • Anarchists see democratisation, constitutionalism as facades behind which oppression hides
          • Modern liberals like state intervention in economy, widens positive freedom
            • Unrestrained capitalism causes social injustice
        • Some say disregard morality altogether, do what u want, 'nihilism' Stirner
          • Others have positive view, humans are reasoned and do not require state regulation
            • Liberals however think humans also self-interested and need state to prevent freedom become 'licence' to encroach on another's rights
              • “the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilised community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others” Mill
    • Ultra-socialism, socialist collectivism
      • +ve view of human nature, sympathy, affection, co-operation
        • Social eqaulity encourages people to work together for common good of humanity through bonds of compassion etc
      • Marxists and anarchists both want stateless society
        • Marxists believe in dictatorship of the proletariat to prevent counter revolution leading to 'withering away of the state'
        • Anarchists say revolution must be immediate and final and must be destroyed, wont wither away
      • Closer to socialism than liberalism bc place society above needs of indv


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