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  • Analysis
    • Client
      • The person who has asked you to solve a particular problem using ICT
      • Collecting client requirements
        • Interview
          • Arrange an appointment
          • Prepare main questions
          • Record answers
        • Questionaire
          • Useful when need information from several different people
          • Quicker to analyse the answer
          • Word it carefully to avoid misunderstandings
        • Review Paperwork
          • List of procedures carried out by the personal
          • Job roles and descriptions of the workers
          • Sample forms (invoices, receipts)
        • Observation
          • Allow computer system analyst to ascertain the main parts of the system
      • Client requirements
        • Data has been collected and analysed
        • Break the list down into:
          • Quantitative criteria
            • Which is a measurable feature
          • Qualitative criteria
            • Which are more subjective and difficult to measure
    • User
      • The person who actually enters data into the system
    • Audience
      • The person who views the content of a solution
    • Outputs
      • What information in what format is required as output
      • Customer Name, address and telephone details
      • Company letterhead information
      • Total cost of transaction
    • Input
      • What data is needed to produce the outputs required
      • Date of order
      • Customers name, address and telephone details
      • Product data
    • Processing
      • Converting the data inputs to information output then needs to be determined
      • Data stored in database
      • Calculations


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