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  • Anaesthetics
    • James Simpson
      • Discovered chloroform and realised it could be used as an effective anaesthetic
      • Simpson used choleroform during child birth and surgeries
      • The new anaesthetic gave surgeons more time to perform more complex operations without the patient feeling any pain
    • Oposition
      • Chloroform was a new and untested gas and no one knew for sure if there were any long-term side effects on the patients
      • Doctors did not know what dose to give different patients
      • The first death from the use of chloroform scared doctors and future patients
      • There were also moral and religious arguments. Many through easing the pain of childbirth was unnatural
      • When patients were under anaesthetics doctors could attempt more complex operations, this carrying infections deeper into the body and causing more blood loss
    • Acceptance
      • In 1857 Queen Victoria used chloroform when giving birth to her 8th child
      • After Queen Victoria used the new drug its becmae very popular
      • The development of the drug changed surgery forever


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