Anaerobic respiration (AQA)

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  • Anaerobic respiration
    • Occurs in the absence of oxygen
    • Reduced NAD must be turned back into NAD
      • The Hydrogen is accepted by the pyruvate
    • Plants and some microorganisms
      • Ethanol produced
      • Pyruvate loses CO2 and accepts the H from the NAD
      • Pyruvate + NADH --------> ethanol + CO2 + NAD
      • Yeast used for fermentation to produce ethanol
    • Animals
      • Lactate produced
        • Causes cramp and muscle fatigue
      • Means of overcoming temporary oxygen shortage
      • Most common in muscles
        • Oxygen used more rapidly than it's supplied
          • Oxygen debt
        • Essential for muscles to continue to work
          • Eg when fleeing from a predator
      • Each pyruvate takes up 2 H atoms from NADH
      • Pyruvate + NADH -----> lactate +NAD
      • Lactate must be oxidised back to pyruvate
        • Further oxidised to release energy
        • Or converted to glycogen
          • In the liver
        • When oxygen is present again


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