An Inspector Calls: main themes

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  • An Inspector Calls: main themes
    • Time
      • Inspectors repetition of 'time' throughout the play e.g.'I haven't got time for that'
      • Concept of fate within the play. relation to P.D Ouspensky A new model of the Universe, published 1931. Main ideas: that everyone has a specific destiny and is drawn together by interlinked events caused by fate & that you can be rescued from a cycle of lives with the right decision. Otherwise you will either travel to salvation or death.
        • Sheila and Eric and Mr, Mrs B, Gerald represent two alternative destines-salvation and disaster.
          • Brings thought to audience on potential of war at this time. Could war have been prevented if the right decision had been made?
    • Society and relationships
      • Class system and social prejudices of the period
        • The positioning of Birling/Inspector speech at beginning and end of causes juxtaposition. Prompts comparison of speeches which represent the political spectrum of the time: liberal-conservative.
        • Women are still suppressed-Eva and Sheila both victims of male exploitation and Sheila's opinion matters little.


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