An Inspector Calls

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  • An Inspector Calls
    • Mr Birling
      • Pleased with himself- about to become a knight
        • Only thinks about his social standing
          • Sacked Eva/ Daisy
            • Was more interested in saving himself money than giving his workers enough to survive
    • Mrs Birling
      • Her husband's 'social superior'
        • She is on the commitee in charge of giving money to those in need, but lets her prejudices get in the way
      • Not a very good mother
      • Self centred and stuck in her ways
    • Sheila
      • At the start of play she is silly and girlish
        • Had Eva Smith sacked because she was jealous
    • Daisy / Eva
      • Represents the whole of society
        • Is not allowed 'fine feelings and scruples' according to Mrs Birling
    • Eric
      • Secretly a raging alcoholic
        • Nervous, but in an excitable, silly mood
          • Has many guilty secrets
            • Got Eva/ Daisy pregnant and abandoned her
    • Gerald
      • Nearer to Sheila and Eric in age, but like Mr and Mrs Birling in thoughts
      • Led Daisy on even though he was with Sheila- he thought it was ok because she was lower in the social hierarchy
    • Inspector Goole
      • Not a real inspector
        • Is he a ghost? 'Goole' sounds similiar to 'ghoul'
        • The moral judge of the play
          • Enforces the idea that actions have consequences- we can affect the lives of others
        • Not intimidated by class or social status




It says about to become a knight on MR Birling  lol

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