An Inspector Calls

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  • The Inspector
    • Act one
      • Lighting becomes harsher
      • Mood changes from celebratory to dark and sombre
      • "Creating an impression of massiveness"
      • Controls how the conversation flows
      • Timing of his arrival seems deliberate- "every man must only look out for himself"
      • Appears to already know each character's involvement
    • Vehicle for socialism- driving force of the whole play
      • Stands out side the class system
        • Treats everyone the same
        • "We are members of one body" (pg 56)
    • Language is emotive and personal
      • Describes Eva as "pretty" and "lively"
        • Audience feel sympathy towards her
      • His language becomes more dramatic- builds tension and emotion
        • "fire and blood and anguish" (pg 56)
      • Uses plain and direct language- only says what is needed


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